Load your CHCU DEBIT and CREDIT CARD onto your Apple or Samsung Mobile Wallet and leave your card at home. When you’re ready to make a purchase, look for the contactless symbol, pull out your phone, then TAP and GO! It’s SAFE, SECURE, and FAST.

SAFE – no need to pull your cards out of your wallet to insert into the checkout terminal.

SECURE – mobile wallets use tokenization to authorize the card payment. This means each transaction is assigned a specific encrypted security code, which has no value if intercepted by an illegal party. The card number is never shared with the retailer or processing company. This greatly reduces the risk of card present fraud and data breaches.

FAST – no fumbling with your cards in your wallet, no swiping or inserting, just tap device in proximity of contactless symbol at checkout terminal and wait for prompts. No buttons to push. No signature required.

How to enroll CHCU CARDS in Mobile Wallet?

Open the Wallet app on your mobile device (iPhone, Apple watch, Samsung Galaxy, Gear watch). Steps for each device vary slightly, but all require you to take photo of your CHCU debit and credit card or enter the card numbers manually. The app will guide you with easy, step by step prompts.

How to pay in-store once card is loaded to Mobile Wallet?

With your device, you can pay in stores that accept contactless payments. Just look for one of the symbols above at checkout.

To use your default card, enter your device passcode (unlock your device), select the card in your mobile wallet and hold device within an inch of the contactless reader until you see Done and a checkmark on the display.

Don’t worry, you can’t unknowingly make a purchase just by being in the proximity of the checkout terminal. A contactless transaction requires the merchant to initiate the payment, then you unlock your device and hold it within an inch of terminal.