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Refer a member and pocket some $$!

Go ahead, refer a friend, family member or co-worker, and pocket some cash. Each time you make a referral, pick a flower stem from the bouquet on display at our branch, each stem has a cash-prize, one lucky stem is worth $100. Each new member also picks a flower, so you both win. If you’re too busy to stop at the branch to pick your flower, we’ll pick one on your behalf and deposit the cash into your savings account. Simply have the person you refer mention your name when opening their new account.

One flower may be picked per new member but referring member* gets one for each referral they make. Go ahead and refer a whole bunch!

All new members must meet CHCU eligibility requirements.

*Referring member gets rewarded after new member funds the account. Flowers are not part of reward and are returned to the bouquet. Campaign ends June 30, 2024.

Vacation Club Disbursement

Vacation club account balances will be transferred to your savings or checking accounts on Thursday, May 9, 2024.

The Club account is a simple, painless way to save for your next vacation. Club runs from May to May and deposits are made via payroll deduction or direct deposit. Open an account today.

Introducing a Digital Banking System Upgrade – Live February 13, 2024!

We’re excited to bring you an all-new online banking system and mobile banking app. Starting February 13, members will experience a simpler, easier-to-use interface featuring upgraded security, improved navigation, and a fresh, modern design. Visit our Digital Upgrade page and check your email for upgrade details.

Prepare now. Please make sure we have your current email and mobile phone # on file. Additionally, know your current login credentials (Logon ID/User ID, Security Code/Password, security question answers.) This will facilitate the transition to the new system and prevent disruption to the service.

Introducing LeapFILE, a secure document delivery site that helps members share documents with CHCU staff

Members can upload documents and forms that contain sensitive information (i.e. social security #, account #, driver’s license #) to an employee at CHCU through our secure web portal, LeapFILE. All transfer of documents are confidential and SSL encrypted. CHCU can also send members documents. LeapFILE site accepts pdf and jpg formats, so members can use their mobile phone to scan documents (or take photo) and upload the file. It’s very easy and secure.


CHCU members now enjoy FEE-FREE ATM location

The ATM located in the main lobby of Manchester Memorial Hospital (71 Haynes St., Manchester) is now available to CHCU members with no ATM fee and no surcharge fee.

CHCU members may also avoid ATM surcharge fees by:

Requesting CASH BACK

Use your debit card at many retailers and request cash back at the point-of-sale. Just select debit and enter your PIN. No fees and no need to make a special trip to the ATM.


The Allpoint network offers over 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs. A CHCU ATM transaction fee applies, refer to our Fee Schedule for details. Use the Allpoint ATM locator to find a convenient surcharge-free ATM.

Stay Informed on Fraud

Did you know the Federal Trade Commission has a website dedicated to consumer fraud and how to protect yourself? Here is a recent article.

Think you know what the top scam of 2023 was? Take a guess

Every day people report to the FTC the scams they spot. Every year, the FTC shares the information we collect in a data book which tells a story about the top scams people tell us about – so we can all spot and avoid them.

The Data Book tells us that people lost $10 billion to scams in 2023. That’s $1 billion more than 2022 and the highest ever in reported losses to the FTC…read more