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Blooming Fun Member Referral Campaign

Take a minute to refer a friend or family member and participate in our Blooming Fun Member Campaign. We’ve created a bright bouquet of flowers, on display the branch, with each stem wrapped in cash, to reward your referrals. Once your referral joins CHCU, as a referring member you get to pick a winning flower, and the new member gets one too, so you both win!

One lucky stem is worth $100.

One flower may be picked per new member, but referring members* get one for each referral they make. So, go ahead and refer as many friends and family as you’d like!

Electronic Signature Capability

All the forms previously available online at are now pdf fillable and may be electronically signed, downloaded and submitted with Adobe Sign. This includes loan applications and debit cardholder dispute form. Adobe Sign uses the highest level of security to verify your identity and encrypt documents for the electronic transfer process between you and CHCU. Here’s how it works:

  1. Select form/application desired
  2. Complete all the required information
  3. Click to sign and fill in email address
  4. Check your email and click on the link to confirm your signature
  5. Watch for email stating you and CHCU have signed the form

The last email allows you to view the signed document and print or save for your records. It’s fast, easy, secure and free!