The Credit Union offers services similar to most banks, but at little or no expense to the member. Our lending rates are generally lower than the bank’s. We are committed to providing the best possible service to our members.

Truth-in-Savings Amendment

All Accounts
Service Fee
Cashier’s Check $1.00/Check
Deposited Item Returned $15.00/Item
Dormant Account $2.00/Month after 1 year
Statement Copy $1.00/Copy
Outgoing Wire Transfer $10.00/Transfer
International Wire Transfer $50.00/Transfer
Returned Statement $1.00/Statement
Microfilm Copy of Check $7.00/Microfilm
Stop Payment of Official Check $15.00/Request
Range of Checks $60.00/Range, up to 7 each
Skip-A-Payment $25.00/Request
Paper Statement Fee* $1.00
E-Statements Free!

*Waived if member does not have Computer access. Call for details.

Share Draft Accounts
Service Fee
Nonsufficient Funds $30.00/Item
Overdraft Protection $7.00/Item, transfer from savings
Stop Payment Request $15.00/Request
Electronic Fund Transfers
Service Fee
ACH/ATM Overdraft $30.00/Item
ATM Transaction $1.00/Transaction at ATM
not owned by CHCU
ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00/Card
ATM/Debit Reactivation $20.00/Request
maximum of 3 requests
ATM/Debit PIN Replacement $5.00/PIN
ATM/Debit Overdraft Transfer $7.00/Transfer
ATM/Debit Plastic Card
ATM/Debit Plastic Card
(Joint Owner)
ATM/Debit PIN Flyer $5.00/Request
ACH Stop Payment $15.00/Item